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Seismic Drilling, Mine, and Dewatering Drills

Drillcat Drill machines operating in just about every region of the world where seismic crews are active, including: the Americas, Middle-East, Asia, Eastern-Europe and North Africa. The most popular configuration for seismic work is the Skidsteer loader Drillcat R10. We can custom build Drills to fit backhoes, excavators, and 4x4 trucks.

Seismic drilling, also known as shot hole drilling, is drilling conducted as part of a seismic surveyof a geologic formation. In such surveys, the team uses a series of controlled vibrations to generate a map of subsurface structures. You need simple, yet strong designs that drill fast and get you in and out asap.Making better drill times even in hard formations.

Seismic surveys are an important part of oil and gas exploration, and they are also used by researchers who want to map geologic formations for scientific purposes. This is why Drillcat R10 is best bang for the buck on these type of drills.

In seismic drilling, it is very important that a drilling company uses a specially designed Drillcat R10 drill to dig a hole to the desired depth fast. Air and water drills are both available for this purpose, and they are often mounted on sledges or mobile platforms. This allows the team to quickly move the drill between locations, which can be critical on a large survey. The time needed to set up a drilling platform and stabilize it can add considerably to the overall time needed for the survey, and thus teams try to use mobile drills when it is possible to do so.

Drillcat offers The seismic drilling team full hands on drill training classes can include other personnel with training in seismic surveys.

For Price quote on R10 please email us drillcat@gmail.com